IPL/Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser(IPL) light that destroys the hair follicle.
-Clients usually need 6 or more treatments for optimal results.
-The amount of treatments a client needs is based on a number of things: Skin color, pain tolerance, coarseness of hair, hormones, etc… Because of this, no predictions can be made as to how many treatments it will take to achieve the desired result.
-Touch-ups are usually needed 1-2 times a year (we perform touch-ups at a lower cost)
-Because everyone responds to laser treatments differently, no results are guaranteed. It is important to have realistic expectations.
-Laser pricing is based on package pricing.

Small Area $40
-Bikini Line (Above Pantie Line)
-Happy Trail
-Tops of Hands & Feet
-Lip & Chin
-Side Burns
-Glabella & Upper Brows
-Duck Feathers
-Under Arms
-Front OR Back of Neck

Medium Area $57.50
-Front & Back of Neck
-Full Buttocks
-Full Bikini
-Full Face
-Upper OR Lower Back
-Half Abdomen

Large Area $87.50
-Full Back
-Upper OR Lower Legs
-Full Chest
-Full Arms
-Full Brazilian
-Full Abdomen

Extra Large Areas $109
-Full Back & Chest
-Full Legs
-Chest & Abdomen

Full Body $250
2-3 Major Areas & 2-3 Smaller Areas.
How many areas that are included depends on what areas you want done.

Unlimited $2,800
Includes: Any area you want done and touch-ups for up to 3 years after each area has completed its full round of 6-8 treatments.