$45/Hour – Everyday price
1 Hour Swedish Massage……….$45 – Our Everyday Price
Other Modalities available at varying prices

Monday Morning Meditation

Guided meditation with Sound Bath @ 11:00 (accepting donation)

Coming soon Yoga and Qigong

Thursday Special

Take $10 of ANY 90 min or 2 hour Massage

December Special

In honor of the Holiday Spirit, we are accepting donations to the Salt Lake Animal Shelter
When you donate,
You are automatically entered to win a day at Heavenly Hands.
We are accepting here:
Soft Dog Treats of all different kinds, Dry Dog Food, Canned Dog Food,
Canned 100%, Pure Pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), Chicken/Beef Broth (Low/No sodium), Apple Juice, Apple Sauce (no sugar added), Canned Sweet Potatoes, Milk Bones

Unbreakable Solo Cups 16 oz: Small Shaker Top Containers

· Extracts and Spices: Vanilla, Peppermint, Almond, Coconut, Rose, Clove, Cardamom, Raspberry, Chamomile,
Empty Toilet Paper Rolls, Empty Paper Towel Rolls, wine corks, brown paper lunch bags
At least $10 donate will also qualify for the spa day.
For more details on donating to the shelter here is their website :

Ayurvedic treatments available

Kambo ceremony -Call Mary or Angie 801-708-7888


10 packs Starting at $400