About Me

My name is Mary Hobbs. Through a series of events, I wound up working for a chiropractor’s office for five years, prior to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. There, I really learned the art of running and maintaining a place of healing. I graduated from Myotherapy in 2003 and opened my own business right away. I have been successfully running Heavenly Hands Massage Wellness Center, on the Wasatch front, for well over 16 years. I employ about 20 people and see around 1,000 clients a month. I am always looking for an opportunity for growth and expansion.  It is very important to me to provide a safe place for my employees and clients to heal.  My vision is, “Creating a life without pain”. In creating my vision, I offer many different healing modalities, including an apprentice program. My signature massage is the Fijian Oriental Bar Therapy. The thing I love most about this technique is you can be any age and most any body type. You can use the weight of your own body to go deeper without being invasive and is less stress on the therapist’s body. I have used this modality in most therapy sessions. I found it beneficial when I was the massage therapist for many of the pro teams here in Utah. I was able to get players back in action quicker using this technique. My passion has guided me to teach others this massage technique while working in partnership with Barefoot Master’s group. I offer classes on techniques from beginner to advanced in groups or 1 on 1 training if class times don’t work for your schedule. If you have a love and passion for body work, let’s make magic together! Call for more information. 801.708.7888