Chair Massage

chair-massageWhether or not you care to admit it, stress is a fact of life that has crept its ugly head into your organization. Rapidly changing technology, looming deadlines, and interpersonal conflicts are just a few of the workplace issues your employees cope with on a daily basis.

The effects of stress are cumulative, and if your employees aren’t given effective tools to help them deal with it, they’ll eventually wind up on the receiving end of illnesses or issues like:

  • Headaches, low back pain, or eye strain.
  • Repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.
  • Poor concentration, anxiety, irritability or anger.
  • Lowered resistance to colds and infections.
  • High blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Physical and emotional exhaustion, also known as burn-out.
  • Low morale.

Whether on the job or off, stress is costing American businesses (including yours) over $200 billion per year due to reduced productivity in the form of absenteeism and rising health care costs in the form of increased disability and workers compensation claims.

Stress is not a line item in your budget, but it has a huge ripple effect on your business. Please give it some attention.

Stress takes its toll in workplace accidents, absenteeism, and turnover. It steals money through lower levels of productivity. It is also the hidden demon in medical, legal, and insurance costs.

Researchers at the American Institute of Stress estimate that issues stemming from workplace stress take up at least 20 percent of a company’s payroll, and over $ 150 billion in U.S. productivity each year. Effects of excessive negative stress on employees include lower productivity, lower morale, injuries and accidents, fatigue, and or workplace violence. Ongoing stress often becomes chronic, and chronic stress also may lead to another negative effect, depression. (If you do not think this can happen to you, think again: Over 18 million Americans are affected by depression and most never seek treatment. This is especially true of senior management, as it is hard for them to see themselves as having authority if they are “depressed.” As such, 90 percent of senior managers who are depressed go undiagnosed and untreated.

The fact is that it really doesn’t matter whether the source of stress is caused by the job, a crisis at home, or simply the everyday challenges of a hectic life-style. Stress will affect your bottom line.

Trigger Point massage targets the muscle knots in your body. Typically located in the belly of the muscle and are extremely sensitive. Trigger point massage works directly with the connective tissue in the body to release these taunt muscles, with the overall goal to release the pain in which these knots cause.

In House Chair Massage: 30 min- $49