Deep/Intense Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massaging strategy that utilizes slow but deep strokes across the muscular tissue to relieve stress in human body. By applying pressure using fingers, deep tissue massage will definitely calm chronic muscle tension, from those parts of the human body that were contracted as a result of tension and stress.
Deep tissue massage is a good option for patients recuperating from an injury or who experience muscle strain as a result of stress. It requires different methods to allow muscle relief at a deeper level.
This is particularly good for the treatment of lower back and shoulder pain, knees and necks, carpal tunnel, headaches and sciatica pain. Commencing the treatment gently and steadily intensifying to occasions of short time agony, deep tissue massage helps to enhance muscle strength and stretch significantly and speedily. It is one of the most demanding form of massage therapy mastered in massage therapy class, nevertheless deep
tissue massage basically warms the superficial soft tissue of the human body to gain access to deeper connected tissue beneath for prolonged health benefits.

1 Hour $55, 90 Min $85, 2 Hour $105