Monday Meditation

Living as Love
Learn about and practice the art of Being in the flow of Love. The class time will be a combination of listening to teachings, some Q & A and Meditation.
February 25th  Willingness
Monday’s @ 4:44

February Special

Ayurvedic Treatments:
Facial Massage – Polarity, acupressure & swedish facial—$55
Avuredic Shirodhara- 3rdquid drops eye and scalp treatment—$25
Nasys- Liquid drops cleansing & stimulating sinuses–$25
Ultimate Avuredic Treatment–Shirodhara, facial massage, Nasya & body massage all in one –$90
Chakra Balancing:  sound and touch therapy to get your chakra system flowing
Reiki: Usui reiki energy work
Cranial: release compression in head, spinal column, and sacrum
Energy Clearing Massage: Deep trigger point work with energy clearing work–90 minutes $85