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Only $55 per session on Fridays Only.  Great for Detox and Weight Loss.  Burn up to 600 calories in one session.  Get a series of 3 for $165 and you can use them on any day.

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Open 7 days a week
Mon-Sat: 9am-8pm
Sunday: 9am-6pm
We do NOT answer the Phones after 7PM
By appointment only.
24 Hour Cancellation Policy

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2725 East Parleys Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
(Next to Bombay House
off Foothill drive)Map

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Spa Specials
4 Layer Anti-Aging Facial ......... $45.00
Infrared Body Wrap ......... $50.00
Gel Glitter Toes w/Express Pedicure ......... $35.00

LASER Specials
25% OFF all LASER Treatments

Customer Testimonial

I was diagnosed with Cancer last September 26th and to commemorate my “ReBirth” this year, I had a wonderful massage and facial/body wrap at your place. I was in heaven afterwards, so thank you!

--Elia M.
Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage and Spa Services

How often during your hectic day do you dream of escape, of running away to somewhere relaxing, filled with soothing music and enchanting smells? If you live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, there’s no need to hop a plane to get away. Heavenly Hands Massage & Spa has everything you need to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate.

Massage therapy is an exceptionally effective way to relieve tight muscles as well as to relax but did you know it’s also beneficial for your health? Speaking of health and wellness, spa treatments can rejuvenate and revitalize you from scalp to toe. Here at Heavenly Hands Massage & Spa, our customized massage and spa treatments are from therapeutic to luxurious all while being affordable. When you visit us, we’ll make you feel like you’ve splurged on a spa day at a price that’s anything but a splurge.

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