Structural Integration

structural-integrationDo areas of your body feel chronically tight or stressed? This technique helps remold the tissue to reestablish proper alignment of the body and function of the muscles.

Structural Integration or Alignment Therapy is looking for where the dysfunctions are in the body, then being able to manipulate the tissue (muscle,bone, connective tissue) around the joints to put the body back into alignment.  This is followed by restorative exercises adn awareness to maintain your alignment. The body is worked in sections.”

You will be charted  and viewed at each appointment so you will be able to see your progress each week.   Bring viewing clothes with you.
Women tank top or sports bra and shorts.
Men, shorts.

There are 12 Alignment Treatments total, depending on the situation you can go through all 12 or the therapist will make her own recipe of treatments for you.